Live in Portland is an on-demand service that delivers entertaining and informative commercials that are accessible at the touch of a button. Explore the diverse selection of venues Portland has to offer, through Comcast video on-demand. Including: dance-clubs, live music venues, restaurants, hotels, and up-coming live entertainment and special events.

Through a partnership with Comcast Spotlight*, Eclipse Entertainment™ will promote Live in Portland on various other channels such as the Entertainment Channel*, Comedy Central*, Food Network*, and various other channels. This will direct viewers to your personalized video on-demand advertisement at no additional cost.

Live in Portland will broadcast a series of commercials; each 30 second spot will be planned and organized. With the establishment’s best interests in mind, Eclipse Entertainment™ will stay creative in the shooting and post production process.  Eclipse Entertainment™ will custom tailor your commercial from beginning to end.

Pre-made commercials can also be submitted to air through Live in Portland
(Ask Eclipse Entertainment™ for further details.)


Things to Consider for your Commercial

What is your establishment about? Where is it located? Who are your promoters? What type of food do you serve? What’s on the menu, what is the atmosphere like, What’s the room accommodations, what style of music does your venue target, where can one go to get all the information they need before they waste their time trying to find out on what is going on. Things to do!  Where to go!  What can your customers expect! - Live in Portland!!!

For more information about our services, please contact John Albert at